Then, I have observed more than 5 people interacting with this machine. More or less they had trouble while using this machine.


1st customer:  like me hard to find where to touch the card.

2nd customer: can not find the start button (advertisement is full of the screen).

3rd customer: go through very well.

4th customer: the screen is not easy to touch and he change to another machine.

5th customer: trying to pay with her credit card but the machine did not accept it several time.

Most people using cards intended to be used by touching have trouble finding the right place to touch. On one hand, the visible instruction conveys wrong message to users. In this example, the arrow is not pointing to the place we should touch the card. It is pointing to the place where we insert metro card. On the other hand, the touching area is not visible when users stand in front of the machine. The touching area is located out side the field of sight when we focus on the screen. There are to many information on the machine.