community partner–MindRider

What is MindRider?

Originally developed at MIT, MindRider is a head-based wearable that tracks, in real time, how your rides, movement, and location engage your mind. The MindRider app maps your engagement, giving you new insight into your riding experience. Part of the Multimer analytics system, Mindrider is the first biosensor developed to collect human experience data and process it in a large-scale, location-aware context.

The MindRider app maps your experience and engagement in real-time. As you can see in the Prospect Park (Brooklyn) map below, every MindRider map has its pure green “Sweetspots” of relaxation, and its pure red “Hotspots” of focused concentration. Riders have examined their maps and have seen how Sweetspots and Hotspots can be influenced by the rhythm of the road, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and social interactions of many kinds. This insight provides the opportunity to challenge, enjoy and maximize your experiences.


I have read the book of the MindRider. There are a lot of data going on.

NYC map with clear data visualization graphic, I would like to talk to my

community partner to ask them how to get this data and how to analyst this.