New York Hall of Science “Data in the Midst” project

New York Hall of Science “Data in the Midst” project.

Contact: Catherine Cramer




I work as an volunteer with Catherine in the Maker Faire.

The project name is “Data in the Midst”. What I am doing is to ask people what the type are they. Are you a Makers? or Watchers? or none of that?

Orange ---- Makers

Yellow —-      Watchers

red      ——-N/A

After the people choice the right color ribbon I will show them how to tie it on the net under the current time slot. At the same time, I will measure them eye level with the net, so they will tie the ribbon on the cross at time line with eye level.

It was a simple way but very effective live visualization of data. People do not need wait and they can saw the result after they finished tie the ribbons.

It dose inspired me about how to show my phase 1 project. Using the simple and clear, also interactive way, I will refine my phase 1 project shortly.