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My Refrigerator


What’s in Your Fridge?






  • Ability to create shopping lists based on what is currently in your fridge.
  • Receive notifications when items in your fridge are about to expire.
  • Know the shelf life of various foods, fruits and veggies.
  • Know how to properly store various foods.


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Customer Reviews

This app was rated number one on another site for organizing my panty and making meals. The UI is great and was excited to start using. I noticed a crash and emailed support. I just received a permanent failure on the email as the website is no longer there and the Facebook page I found tonight has not been updated in two years. Bummer, this app looked like what I needed….😟

Crashes every time I open the app

This app has needed an update for sometime but this update has made the app worse. The app crashes every single time I try to enter a category. In addition, Why scan items when even the most common grocery items are not in the database? Is there even a database?

Crashing almost all the time

Whenever I try to change categories or any other properties of the item the app crashes. Please fix. Apple take notice. Support email of this developer is non-functional.

*difficult to  add/scan food in the app
*app crashing all the time
* common grocery items are not in the database
*UI/UX design not good
*no updated for a long time




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