without my iphone

I can not live without my iPhone.


Last Friday, I go to the theater to watch The Phantom Of The Opera. During in the show,

using the phone is prohibited. I turn off my iPhone and put it in my bag.

I think I really do not turn off my phone for a long time. Some people seating around me even do not know

how to turn off their phone.


The Phantom of The Opera is amazing. I try to find my phone and want to take photo or recording it,

then I can share with my friends. Unfortunately, this is prohibited! I just stay seated on my seat and enjoy it

by myself.


Some of the actor’s lines I can not understand, I try to using my phone to translate. But, it’s prohibited!

I really enjoy the show and the phantom of the opera is splendid, meanwhile I also feel a little bit nervous

in second.   I try to image if there any message or missing call on my phone, or maybe some important unread

emails just received.


Finally, the amazing show is end. I can turn on my iPhone. I open message and email to updated.

Feeling hunger, I went to a bakery store and seated.

Take photo about the beautiful desserts and eat!

Seated beside the window, I can saw people walking on  the street and look down on their phone.

The table next to me seated 4 girls, they also took photo to their desserts, sharing on Instagram and then to eat it.


iPhone, I can not live without you!