Cooper Hewitt Visited


Cooper Hewitt Visited


We go to Cooper Hewitt museum on last week. It’s a design based museum. This is my first time to go to this museum.

It’s renovations from a private old home, so inside the museum, the light is darker than other museum. Some of the facilities are not that fit for the property. For example, the steps at main door, the elevator is old style you need close and open the door by yourself.


I surprised by the interact big touch screen. When I draw a line on the screen, they will automatically show all the related artiest work has the line style i just draw. Furthermore,  there is a magic pen that can play with it. If you put this pen on the specific angel on the project’s information page, store your saved projects and you can saw it on your phone. After tried, I think it’s not that accurate and hindered my visited.


Thinking of designing for accessibility, there is no audio tour in the Cooper Hewitt museum. The audio tour will be helpful for the blindness people and deaf. The earphone will be a good equipment for them, because it will not affect on other visitors.

One of the exhibition is all about recycled fabrics, the product is so beautiful that I would like to touch and feel it. The “do not touch” signs is everywhere in that exhibition hall. It’s so said.
I also notice the height is played an important role for accessibility. The wheel chairs people can not see some of the projects in there vision.