UX DESIGN : counter design (in progress)

Create a screen based/mobile version of  your counting device.
Use this template to create your phone. Consider the best way to translate the physical sensations that you found successful in your physical prototype.
Thinking of the counting device can counter up and counter down, the shape of  triangle is my first thought.




Physical prototype: try to make a wood model to think about the position of the counting possibility.




UI prototype:

User test:
  1. “confused by the counting method,  not sure it’s drug the triangle inside or put them outside?”
  2. “when finished the counting, I would like to know the result.”
  3. “unsure how to put time on setting”

Redesign interface:


user test again:

1.could you show me hot to set your goal?

2.can you counter it easily?

3.do you know how to reset it ?





“if there is a responsive for my every step, it will be so good!”

“oh, i didi know that I can rotate the triangle for my setting counter!”

“after I rotate the triangle, is there any different? ”

“I like the last colorful page, but I think it will be nice to design it related to wood interface design”